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dxf files are inverted and displayed in the wrong X-Y quadrant

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dxf files are inverted and displayed in the wrong X-Y quadrant


I'm producing dxf files of flattened sheet metal without any problems, scale is correct.  However, when the dxf files are opened in other software (e.g. AUTODESK DWG True View) they are flipped over (inverted) and instead of appearing in the first quadrant of the X-Y plane where they were drawn (i.e. positive X and Y values) they are in the third quadrant (negative X and Y values). This is causing a problem sometimes when we send files to e.g. waterjet cutting companies.  

I'm creating the dxfs from sheet metal flat patterns by going 'Create Sketch' selecting the flat metal face, then 'Create>Project', changing the 'Selection Filter' to 'Body', selecting the flat metal face, pressing 'OK', then 'Finish Sketch'.  I then right click the mouse on the new sketch and 'Save as DXF'.  The dxfs are perfect, no scaling issues, except they are inverted.  Any clues on how to keep them right way up?

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Why not Save as .dxf in the Flat Pattern activated screen?
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Thanks for your reply.  I do save from the Flat Pattern activated screen when I've used Create Flat Pattern.  If the sheet metal part didn't need a flat pattern (i.e. no folds) I just save from the design screen.  The result is always the same, the dxfs are inverted.

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