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During rendering, the CPU is used instead of the GPU.

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During rendering, the CPU is used instead of the GPU.

Hello, I'm a university student who is using Fusion 360 for both hobby and practice. I recently purchased a new gaming laptop to try rendering with Fusion 360. The laptop has an RTX 4060 graphics card. I expected faster rendering performance with the GPU, but it turned out to be a bit slow and laggy. Upon further investigation, I found out that the rendering was done using the CPU instead of the GPU. From my basic knowledge, isn't rendering supposed to be faster with a GPU? I checked the official list of supported GPUs in Fusion 360, and it seems to include only Quadro and A-series cards, not the typical graphics cards. Is the RTX 4060 not officially supported in Fusion 360, or did I miss some settings?

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1. Fusion uses the CPU for rendering. This means that the faster the CPU, the shorter the render times.
There are numerous posts on this topic in the forum
2. These  are the "official" specifications for the system. I can't see any preference for Quadro cards.



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