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Duplicate a sketch to a new sketch

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Duplicate a sketch to a new sketch

I'm working with a cube.  I've made a sketch on one face of the cube.   Is there a way to duplicate that sketch on the other five faces of the cube?   If I could just duplicate the sketch into a new sketch, of course I could then just redefine the sketch plane to one of the other faces, but I can't figure out how to do that.  Thanks!

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Please see the linked video.  The copy is simple enough but since you are pasting the sketch to a new face, Fusion 360 will NOT automatically constrain the sketch lines as they were when you sketched them directly on the first face.  You will have to do back and constrain each end point, a lot of points, if you want the sketch constrained.  As you know, all sketches should be fully constrained.  If I were you, I would the simple sketch on the other sides.

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It may be simple enough but you didn't say how in answer to the question.

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