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Drawings workspace causes crash

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Drawings workspace causes crash

As of a few days ago, (early June 2023), anything I attempt to do in the drawing workspace causes Fusion 360 to crash.

As seen in the screencast attached, the crash does not lock everything up. (In watching the screencast back, the first 12 seconds are me proving that my model workspace is responding correctly. And at the 13second mark, for some reason the file menu and subsequent "drawing creation menu" do not appear on the screencast, however, it was behaving correctly on my screen.)


I am able to navigate around my screen, even highlight options and commands, but that is all. The clicking of any command, whether it is attempting to open the data panel, or close just that drawing, or even the "fit to screen" command, all do not respond. The only command that responds is to close Fusion. The same actions occur when attempting to open previously made drawings. The drawing will open, but I am not able to perform any actions.

My coworkers are not having the same issues, so it is something inherit to my computer I believe.  I am able to function in other applications, (chrome, or file explorer), while this "crash" is occurring. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Fusion, only to encounter the same problem in the same way.


I've also attached some of my system information as well, but please let me know of anything else that may help in diagnosing. Thanks in advance!

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OP Here again, hoping to revitalize this.


Never resolved the above issue.

Now, October 2023, I'm on a different computer, and as of yesterday, I now have the same issue on this computer. (Acer Predator laptop). 

All of the same issues / all of the same attempts to fix without any solutions:

Reinstalled windows.

Reinstalled Fusion.

Updated Graphics Drivers.

Changed graphics and power settings to be looking for best performance, etc. 


Drawing workspace still causes Fusion to crash.



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