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Drawings upload constantly stuck

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Drawings upload constantly stuck

Hi. Recently I created a couple of drawings. After a while, I saved them, and tried to quit fusion. Quitting was prohibited by unfinished jobs, of which use was unclear to me. I waited, and tried to quit again, but encountered the same problem. I paused them, reopened Fusion, and drawings were lost. I created them again, saved, and then cleared cache and restarted Fusion. I was able to open them, but when I made changes to them and tried saving, the same thing happened. I tried almost every solution that I was able to find, but nothing seems to work, uploads constantly stuck, and I can't save any of my progress without clearing cache and restarting. For some reason, it happens mostly to drawings, solid models upload mostly fine. I'm using Fusion for about 3 years now, and this never happened. I even deleted all the "original" problematic files completely, but it didn't help. 

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@haul12 IN Fusion can you please go to:

1. Help - Support and diagnostic - Get diagnostics log
2. This will generate a zip file
3. Can you please attach the zip file here

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
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I moved my question to this topic, so more people can see the solution

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