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Drawing workspace "view" browser unwieldy

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Drawing workspace "view" browser unwieldy

I find the view browser in the drawing workspace very unwieldy, primarily because every time a view is added all of the views re-expand, and even though I've selected the component I want for a view, the entire model is still populated in the browser. So after several components are added, the browser gets very long, requiring a lot of slow scrolling and making it very difficult to keep track of the view you are on. Additionally the scroll bar is tiny to grab, the "highlighting" of the selected view is not super easy to see, and the drawing sheet flows behind the browser so when working in the lower right of the sheet you get even more noise.


I'm wondering if perhaps my workflow or lack of knowledge of a work around is part of the cause, or others share this frustration. I see numerous improvements:


1) Don't auto expand all the views I've already finished!

2) Give me a collapse all button.

3) Make the scroll bar a decent size

4) Give the browser its own space



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in reply to: jcbyrd24

Hi @jcbyrd24 


This is great feedback. I'd love to hear from you directly, and to get your thoughts around the browser and the challenges you are seeing. If you're up for it, here is a link to my calendar, please book a 30-minute session with me, and we can chat on Zoom (Note that times are in 24:00 format so 03:00 is 3am, 15:00 is 3pm). 

Or if a good old-fashioned email is more your style, feel free to ping me more details: Clint. Brown {a}

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in reply to: ClintBrown3D

Thanks Clint! I posted here before going through the link in the Roadmap just to see if I was the issue here, but I'd be happy to chat and will take you up on that.

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