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Drawing Templates, Third Angle Projection, and why it's not Australian friendly.

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Drawing Templates, Third Angle Projection, and why it's not Australian friendly.

In Australia when we make drawings we use metric dimensions, with ISO paper sizes, and third angle projection. I understand that this is not "standard" but it is what we do.


The pain point I have is that when setting up a new template you can ONLY choose ISO or ASME. I select ISO as it is metric and uses our paper sizes, however, it is only AFTER spending the time and effort to setup a template that someone finds out during their first drawing that the projection is locked to first angle and cannot be changed. The next step is to spend an hour googling answers on how to change it only to find out you cant because you somehow should have magically known to update your preferences BEFORE spending the day creating 5 different templates which sucks. 


We are not living in the 90's anymore, this is not crappy TopSolid 2010, and I can't see a reason why this isn't easier to change during template creation or after the fact. At the very least on template creation something that says what the projection will be locked as so that it prompts someone to google a solution before they waste their time. 


How do I get this raised as an issue to be addressed?

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in reply to: michaelASVN6

Hi @michaelASVN6 

I’m sorry you’ve had some trouble with this. I’ll add your request (ability to change projection angle) to our feature request database.


There is some good news though, all is not lost. If you create a new 3rd angle template, you can import your title blocks that you have spent the time setting up. 


Here’s how to set up a 3rd angle template:


This is how to bring the title blocks that you set up over into the new 3rd angle template:


I hope this helps. 

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in reply to: ClintBrown3D

It's all good Clint. It's not so much for me as it is for others coming along later that have a Solidworks background too where you can do this.

Great to see the title blocks can carry over. I didn't find that in my searching before.
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in reply to: michaelASVN6

Why is so hard to change the projection of the drawing. It should be able to be changed after you start the drawing and do a cople of projected views - see it is backwards to what you expect, modify your priorities - job finished - THAT SIMPLE !!

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