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Drawing from Design not working, for me

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Drawing from Design not working, for me

It has always worked for me until the last update. I have tested multiple files now and it does the same thing.


When I click make Drawing > From Design fusion freezes up and  I have to CTRl Alt Delete Fusion.  


I have also restarted my computer. 


Thanks for any help,


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in reply to: Mikedcaffey

Does the same thing happen if you try opening an existing 2d drawing? There have been some problems after the last update that require updating graphics card drivers, is there a newer driver available for you card? Also worth checking your OS is up to date and What OS are you running?


Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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in reply to: HughesTooling


 I am on  windows 10. with a 1050 ti ,  I just updated my driver and it is doing the same thing.  


I tried making just a simple drawing of a square and fusion still freezes up when I try to make Drawing from Design


The issue is happening on my work computer. I tried the same file i need on my home pc last night (windows 11) and it said the file was corrupt. However other files i  had made before fusion updated still opened and i was able to make a (drawing from the design).


all my drivers are up to date, Windows is up to date and I have done a reinstall of Fusion now 😞




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in reply to: Mikedcaffey

I just got of the phone with tech support. it is a known issue and they had no solution for me yet. 


we uninstalled and reinstalled fusion and drivers.

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in reply to: Mikedcaffey

I am having the same problem,

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in reply to: jasujo

Do you have a Nvidia GTX graphics card?

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