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Drawing Environment Functionality

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Drawing Environment Functionality

Having produced Manufaturing drawings for 23 yrs In Autocad LT im now Trying to replicate the same standard of drawing in the drawing space of fusion. I have come across the following stubbling blocks. i know its a different programe. but would expect some similar functionality.



  • No Spell check.
  • Can't change default Text colour


Text Leader Note:

  • Only single lead lines can be made
  • Lead line can't be restrained to be Horizontal.
  • Text is always under lined no option to not have them underlined
  • There is no way to make a leader to the face of an object, it has to be to an edge but how do the person know which edge you are talking about. In my instance i want to label the face of a drawer front with the finish and not the edge.

Detailed Views:

  • Lines are solid not dotted, so they look like part of the drawing.
  • There is  No rectangle detail view make for a lot of wasted drawing space Depending on what you are detailing

Justifying text:

  • You cannot truly make text centre justified by using the Text Tool the insertion  point still stays top left however the detail view automatic text does actually create a centre justified text with the justification point staying middle bottom which is ok. The only way to get this is to copy the detailed view Text.

Lines in the views:

  • There is No way to hide a line in a view. Sometimes  THE  client don’t want to see a join that will be invisible on the end product.


  • There is no way to make a line other than to move a centre line. I like to keep all my annotation in a nice neat line so my drawing don’t look messy.
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in reply to: Dave_Ash

Hi @Dave_Ash 


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.


There is a lot to unpack in your post. Some of what you are looking for is possible, some of it, is what I would classify as new feature requests. But all of which is really important to us.


I would love to jump on a call with you, to discuss how you are using our drawings package, and to try to get a deeper understanding of the frustrations you are seeing. I can also share workflows & settings that will achieve part of what you are looking for.


If you're up for it, here is a link to my calendar, please book a Zoom session with me, I would love to connect and learn more.

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in reply to: Dave_Ash

Would love to arrange a zoom, link to calander seems invald.

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in reply to: Dave_Ash

Hi @Dave_Ash 


Please try the link in an "incognito" or "private" window, there are sometimes issues with it, if you have signed into any office 365 services.

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in reply to: Dave_Ash

Clint i am still unable top get to your calendar. and still wanting to follow up ont this.


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in reply to: Dave_Ash

Hi @Dave_Ash 


I've just tested it, and it's working perfectly.


Please try an incognito window, or private mode (whatever your browser's equivalent is).


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Hey @ClintBrown3D ,
I'm seeing the same thing I assume @Dave_Ash is.

I searched the forums and found a link that works correctly for me.
Hope that helps @Dave_Ash and you get in touch for a chat.

Kyle Williams
Senior Customer Advocacy Manager - Design and Documentation
Ontario, Canada

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in reply to: Dave_Ash

I should have posted the way i got there was to remove all the text after the last forward slash in the adrees window after you click the link.  Crazy i know but it worked for me.

so thats all the jargon after ...... bookings/

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in reply to: Dave_Ash

Would be nice to see some major steps forward in this area.

90% of the points are unresolved/ still as they where at time of post.


are there any planed improvments?

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in reply to: Dave_Ash

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