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Do not offer to show more info on warnings and errors when there is none

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Do not offer to show more info on warnings and errors when there is none

I already struggle with errors and warnings that do not give me enough information to address the issue.

Making me think that I can get that info and then showing the same message when I click on "more info" is annoying and a waste of my time.



Click on more info


This is not helpful to users.

Please do not show "more info" when there is no more info available.



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in reply to: Julie_7

Valid observation.  However, that "more info" is a generic part of the error system, and each error may or may not have any useful "more info" to offer.  Sometimes there is just no more that Fusion can tell you.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: jeff_strater

It seems like an easy check when creating the dialog to see if there is more info and omit that when there is none. I have programmed hundreds of generic components in software and I do not think that usefulness, accuracy and usability should be sacrificed for developer convenience.

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