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Dimensioning fully defined sketch entities is broken

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Dimensioning fully defined sketch entities is broken

When I dimension a fully defined sketch entity, previously it will automatically change it to a driven dimension. Now it asks me for the value, although it will throw an error when I change it. I can keep it the same and right click to toggle driven. Not ideal.


What's worse is when I do the same when editing in place, there's no toggle driven option when I right click.

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in reply to: SamsonW_


Welcome and than you for sharing.

@Phil.E do you have any thoughts here?

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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in reply to: SamsonW_


please share the file for reply  and  tell us what dimension it is.


File > export > save as f3d on local drive > attach to post



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in reply to: SamsonW_

Hello @SamsonW_ 


Thank you for raising the query. 


I tried to reproduce the behaviour in first part of the post ie about automatic driven dimension but, I couldn't. Maybe I am missing something could you please add a screen recording for better understanding?


Regarding the second part of the issue ie not able to toggle dimension to driven dimension in Edit in place, we already have a ticket that team is looking into.


Rohit Bapat
Product Owner
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in reply to: rohit.bapat

Thank you for the quick reply. I tried to replicate the problem but it seems to fix itself after restarting. 

Since you already have a ticket for the edit in place, i will mark this as solved. Thanks.

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in reply to: SamsonW_

You're welcome!

Rohit Bapat
Product Owner

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