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Difficulty hollowing out box

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Difficulty hollowing out box

Hi all,


I am very new to CAD design work, basically only self taught over ~20 hours on things like TinkerCAD.

I am designing a box to keep components for a board game I have made. The box has gone very well and I am happy with the overall design, however it is currently solid and I would like to make it hollow to save on some resin when I print it. Ideally I would like a 2-3mm shell around all the edges with a hollow centre.


I have attempted to make a shell however the program is having difficulty with it. I have attempted to rewind through the timeline and trial at different timeslots (eg. before filleting) but that hasn't worked either.


Any suggestions to help this beginner out?



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Your tray shape, with all the fillets and thin partitions, cause a Shell of the thickness you to fail because the walls would overlap each other.

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