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Decals not showing up in renderings all the sudden.

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Decals not showing up in renderings all the sudden.

Local renders. No, it's not a normals thing, we use templates to render third party branding onto products. Did I accidentally toggle something off? No file renders right now.


I don't see an option in the render menu to turn them off. 


I swear its a new issue every other day with this software. 😕

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in reply to: variant1

Hey variant1,

Can you share an archive so we can take a look?

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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in reply to: jodom4

Now its working all the sudden, except all the renders I queued after toggling a different label on (typically, there are multiple SKUs), have all rendered as the first label. 


Any plans in actually finishing the software?

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in reply to: jodom4

Basically, I've got to shut the software down entirely every time I change or add a label and reopen it or I get a render with no label on it. Man Mad


The company is going to switch to Keyshot here soon and I cannot wait. I'm so tired of playing Russian Roulette with which feature won't work right on any given day.

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in reply to: variant1

Hey @variant1,


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with our rendering workspace. I understand there's a big frustration when things don't work how you expect them to, and I can assure you, our focus moving forward is on reliability.


That being said, I'm curious for a bit more information on the problem you're describing. In my tests, changing decals, and then creating new renderings results in the behavior I would expect. Namely, each new rendering correctly displays the decals that are present when the rendering is queued. Could you elaborate a bit more on your exact workflow so I can try and replicate it?


Also, are you using Cloud renderings, or Local renderings? 



Lucas Prokopiak
Fusion 360 Product Manager (Sketch/Model)
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in reply to: lucasproko

I've been having the same issue with decals being there and rendering fine, then they disappear. the decal is still present, and when you select it, it shows as a blue square, but will not show when in the design or render space. I have replaced decals, and the same thing happens over again.




hope you can help.


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in reply to: britdizzy

I'm having the same exact problem. Decals have been showing in renders no prob and then all of a sudden, nothing! Come on Autodesk, you guys gotta come up with a solution for this...enough people are having the same issue. There isa bug!

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