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Deboss cone

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Deboss cone

Novice user here. I did search the forums for this but I didn't find anything quite like it so here it is.


I'm trying to deboss an SVG on a cone-shaped lid from above, meaning the SVG is on an offset plane directly above the peak. 


I've tried a simple deboss on a solid body, which fails.

I've tried to deboss a flattened sheet metal cone however the pattern disappears once its unflattened.

I've also tried using a boolean against the flat pattern, which works until it's unflattened. 


Last issue and it may be a limitation of F360, it seems like the cone will not flatten if it comes to a peak (have a workaround but still...)


Are there other methods or am I trying to do something F360 just can't do?


Also watched @jhackney1972's sheet metal cone vids. Thank you for that btw!


Any help would be most appreciated!

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How about this?  It is 3mm above the surface which can be adjusted by sketch.  Model is attached.


Snowflake Cone.jpg

I just noticed your title had "Deboss" in it.  Attached is a second model with the snowflake debossed into the surface.  It cannot be very deep due to the thin edges of the cone.  Second model is attached.


Deboss Snowflake Cone.jpg



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Took a little fooling around but I see what you did! 

Really useful trick!


thank you!

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