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Darker grid line settings

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Darker grid line settings

Sorry, earlier post of this had the wrong title.


 "Is there a way to darken the grid lines? They are so light and fine that they are practically useless.

Would not options to change both, thicken them and darken Minor grid lines with the Major grid lines slightly darker be a great idea??

 Also, maybe an option to make then light and dark dots??

I thought so!!


What a great design platform!!

Thanks and keep up the great work!!!"

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Hi @Jim.Thompson,


thanks for posting and for your feedback!


I am wondering if changing the Environment in the Display Settings may perhaps help you here? By changing the environment from Photo Booth to Infinity Pool, you can achieve this:


Infinity Pool Grid vs. Photo Booth GridInfinity Pool Grid vs. Photo Booth Grid

If that's not sufficient, I encourage you to post an idea in our Fusion 360 Idea Station. Thanks a lot in advance!


Best regards,

Paweł Potyrała
Technical Support Manager

Global Product Support
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in reply to: Jim.Thompson

I have this same problem. No, changing to Infinity pool doesn't do anything useful.

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in reply to: Jim.Thompson

Infinity pool does make the grid lines stand out more. Thank you!
I would definitely prefer an option to thicken and/or change grid line color.

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