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Create new component "External"

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Create new component "External"

Hi -I am having real difficulty creating a new component "external" and being able to add to it and edit it.  I can create it no problem, I can select components/bodies, from the current model, for "in context" modelling in the external component. Then the problems start. If I go to "edit in place" and then try to drag an external .step file (linear bearing carriage) in and position it with a joint, it does move to position. Then I save and go back to the master project and it appears in the correct place after clicking the yellow triangle. If I then go back to the external model, it has returned to the position when imported but stays in the correct position in the main model. I have tried the "local" and "Context" and I don't remember the sequence (I have tried so many combinations) but the items that are selected (to the left top of graphic pane dropdown) as "in context" are not visible in the graphics pane in the external model? I wondered if .step file may be the problem/restriction?

In short I don't really understand how this feature is thinking or even if I am using the correct tool for building a sub assy related to a position/component/bodies in the main model. I have tried to find something related to the search Create new component "external" and it does not seem to return anything relevant.

Could someone guide me to a resource that explains this in finite detail please? preferably a Youtube video.

Unfortunately, this is a customer project so I can't share.

Kind regards Paul.

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please share a sample file



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Gunther -as i mentioned, this is a customer design and i cant share. apologies.


regards Paul

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Do you have the external model open while also using edit-in-place ?


Peter Doering
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It's not about the customer's design, but about recreating the situation.



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Peter, yes, the external model has been open.

FYI, when I created the external model I did try to pull in a linear rail carriage. it would not stay in the position that I placed it, using a rigid joint. However when I saved the model and went back to the main assy and clicked the yellow triangle it was in the correct location, I saved the main assy model and went back to the external model and the carriage was at the location when it was first brought into the external model.

Since the post, I have watched a video by Jason of  Autodesk (a 360 live) I have a bit better understanding from that but still can't explain this positional error. Kind regards Paul.

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Gunther -thank you for trying to help. I will try to recreate the problem over the next days. Kind regards Paul

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