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Create Flat Patter from a Lofted Flange (Transition)

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Create Flat Patter from a Lofted Flange (Transition)

Good Afternoon All,


I have a large lofted flange made up from 3/8" Plate steel, set to be formed with a pressbrake, however I need to get flat patterns made so the object can be cut out on a CNC plasma table. I cannot get a flat pattern to generate, even though I have created a cut in the lofted object so its not continuous. I would appreciate if someone could look at my file and correct it or get me .dxf flat patterns. Please see attached F3D file. Thanks!

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I have not looked at the file, but did you use the sheet metal Lofted Flange or did you use solid or surface Loft?

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@matt.hansen wrote:

even though I have created a cut in the lofted object so its not continuous.

Does your rip go all the way through the flange?



Why does Sketch 3 repeat the hole diameter dimension 7 times?

Is the sketch fully defined?


Why does Transition component Sketch1 repeat circle diameter 7 times?  

Would a Rectangular Pattern or Equal (=) constraints be more efficient for editing?



I think I would trim Sketch1 and 2 such that the Rip is created in the process of creating the Lofted Flange.

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You are going to have to make some changes to your design.

See Attached file...



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Im impressed you were able to get it flat? do you have a design recommendation?

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@TheCADWhisperer could you send me that flat pattern with the issues? I still can't even get mine to unfold LOL

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Attached to Message 4 nine hours ago?

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