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Create a new pricing tier "Supporter"

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Create a new pricing tier "Supporter"

I use Fusion 360 all the time in my hobbies, and I would like to show my support in the place it counts the most for companies - by opening my wallet.


I suggest that Autodesk create a new pricing tier for people who want to support this product, but for whom USD$70/month is just too much for a hobbiest. This could perhaps be set at $10/month or $100/year. I know I would glady pay in that range to show Autodesk the value in this market segment.


The only feature requests I have for the new account type are

  • Access to the web portal from the education account
  • Removal of the writeable file limit from the free trial

Since I assume that the are just some kind of account flag that already exists to be able for Fusion 360 to be able to offer varied feaatures by account type, I would that that the dev team here could whip this together in a short amount of time, including the payment portal on the website (I believe in you, guys! <3)


Thank you for your consideration.


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