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Crash when resize window

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Crash when resize window

Recently, fusion has started to crash immediately when I try to make the window not full screen. It resizes and freezes for a second before crashing. In that frozen time I can't move the window or interact with anything. I have done two updates of fusion lately. After the first of those was when the crashing started and I did another yesturday which I hoped would fix it but no luck. I am on the latest update now. I looked at other forum posts and tried what they said but nothing. Any ideas?


My laptop is a galaxy book 3 ultra which is hooked up to another monitor through an nvidia EGPU. I realize that usually causes issues but I haven't had any problems until now so I assume it is something else. I also just updated my graphics driver hoping that it would help but also no luck.


Any ideas would be really appreaciated.

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Glad to look into it. I'll need a crash report number, did you happen to send any crash reports?

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
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