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Corrupt files / Slow performance / Cross Platform

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Corrupt files / Slow performance / Cross Platform



I am working on a project and every time I make a change to the body of a design the performance in abysmal. Creating a sketch or and extrusion causes the program to go unresponsive for a while. Copying a body in the design causes the computer to freeze for 5-10 minutes before completing the task. I take an hour to create something that should take 10 minutes. Then, when I save the file, the computer hangs for 10-20 minutes before it saves. Lastly, when I open that file again, I get a message that the file is corrupt. This all started happening seemingly randomly as the file I was working on has been fine up to this point. That corrupted file will not let me revert back to a previous version either. 


What I have done to troubleshoot so far:


- Restart Fusion360

- Restart Computer 

- Remove and reinstall Fusion360

- Clear the Fusion 360 Cache 

- Copied the project as a new project (same issues) 

- Insert Derivative of the bodies (Same issue) 

- Taken the bodies, used the modify/cut function to basically create a mold copy of the body, then inserted that new body into a new project and broke the link to the old project, then saved that into new project again - as to be completely removed from anything in the new file from the original file. (same issue)

- Opened the projects on a different computer all together - x86 MacMini (same issue)


I am running a M1 Max  MBP with 64 gig of ram and Fusion 360 2.0.16490 x86_64 [Rosetta 2]


Attached is the file that has all the assets in question. This is the base file I use for my design and from here the issues appear after I make 20 or so edits. I have recreated this issue 6 times now. Let mw know if you need a 7th and I will try to get that (corrupted) file to you as well. 


Of note, at one time during this issue F360 was using up 140gig of application memory on my machine. 


Thanks for any and all help you can give. 

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I thought maybe, just maybe, I will get lucky on the 7th time. I started working on that file I originally uploaded (after I saved a backup of it) and the issue happened again in the exact same way as before. Here is the corrupt file in case that helps. I have also included two app log files. 

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