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Construction planes no longer able to move

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Construction planes no longer able to move

Good Evening all

Recently since the Fusion 360 latest update I can no longer move a construction plane using the move tool. I can only offset a plane and not move it on an X Y axis or change the angle. I have always done it by selecting the plane and pressing M to bring up the move icon, now I get the offset box and not the move icon. As seen at 4.35 min in the youtube video . What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

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You have to be either working entirely in Direct Modeling mode or have created the Construction Plane as a Direct Modeling Feature and then edit it in Direct Modeling mode to be able to move a Construction Plane.  To enter Direct Modeling mode, right click on the top line of the Browser, go to the bottom, and select Do not capture Design History.  You can also set it so Fusion 360 starts in Direct Modeling mode from your Preferences.


Direct Modeling Mode.jpg

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in reply to: prentice_dylan

There was a guy here last week with the same question, after a bit of work in the file, he (questioner @Drewpan ) converted to Timeline modeling.

The Tutorial has bare minimum info to build a model, and there are way better workflows with a Timeline.


Might help....

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Thanks for the reply John, that makes sense I will play around with it. Dave thanks for the link to the previous thread this is beginning to make sense. As a noob I have much to learn about workflows and timelines. Thanks

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