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Constantly getting Delayed Uploads

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Constantly getting Delayed Uploads

Ive noticed over the last few weeks I now get constant issues with uploads being delayed:




Ive cleared cache and reinstalled Fusion 360 but still getting the same issues.


I usually work between home and work on different computers so this is an issue as designs are not getting uploaded to the cloud for me to work both computers.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




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@spercival985UD @Are the delays to the upload happening at the home network or the work network ? 

Does restarting the router help with in this situation? 

On the machin where the delay is happening :


1. Go to add/remove program 

2. Select Fusion and select modify 


This will launch the Fusion service utility. Run the father system info and attach the diagnostics file that this generates. 


Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Thank you for your reply - this started happening whilst connected to a hotel network in Turkey. Then continued to happen when I returned back home to the UK. It happens on work network, home network and also when connected to mobile hotspot.


I’ll share the diagnostics log shortly


thanks again 

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Hi Rajkumar,


Please find attached diagnostic logs as requested.



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Any update on this would be much appreciated? thanks
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@spercival985UD Sorry about the delay. I will follow this thread more closely for your replies. 

Couple more questions after seeing the logs:

1. It consistently shows there are two files that are not being able to be uploaded. From what you are seeing are the two files in the image you posted above the only files that get a delayed update? (or almost every file goes through the delayed update)

2. If you cancel on these updates, shut down Fusion, RESTART machine, run Fusion again does the upload continue successfully?

3. Lastly if you go into the Fusion service utility, there is a "Reset Fusion". If you run that now does it help with any of the stuck uploads?

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Hi Rajkumar


thanks for your reply


1. No I have had delayed uploads on multiple files from multiple projects - yesterday I lost a days work where I cancelled the uploads but the files were not even saved in cache.


2. No a cancel and restart does not fix this - I even tried a reinstall


3. Will try the reset option today and let you know


thanks and kind regards

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Hi Rajkumar

So far it seems resetting fusion has resolved the issues I was seeing. Maybe just a coincidence but this did all start when I cached a number of folders for offline use - it has only been a couple of days so will wait and see if it happens again.


Kind regards

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