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Configurations - Component Suppression

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Configurations - Component Suppression

I love the ability to manage configurations and themes for an assembly, and am working my way into using them efficiently. One problem I'm currently running into is the messy column titles when I want to enable/suppress various components for multiple configs. The column titles all appear identical - "ComponentIn..." - and it is onerous to keep track of which is which. I explored renaming the component inserts in the design history bar, but haven't found a way to do that. As a workaround I am using show/hide for the configs because this preserves the component name as the column title. 


Is there a simple way to manage this I'm unaware of, or an improvement that can be made in a future update?





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Hi Keitley, 

Good to hear that you love the Configurations functionality. The configurations column title is long to display all of it, double clicking the title would show more characters, or if you hover cursor onto it, the tooltip shows the entire name.

Evan Gu
Inventor/Fusion QA Engineer

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