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Compute All Progress Bar Not Displaying

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Compute All Progress Bar Not Displaying

I have a large model that requires a few minutes for "Compute All" to complete.  Prior to the recent update, a progress bar was shown so the progress of the compute could be monitored.  With the most recent update (April 2023), no progress bar is shown, so the program just appears to be frozen until the compute completes.

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This is a known issue that the development team is working on. When they are able to roll out a fix it will be included in a future update. Thanks for reaching out about this! 

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@tasha.addington-ferris This still has not been fixed in the new update that just rolled out. It is pretty annoying, and since it breaks a feature that was already there, fixing it should have a fairly high priority.


When can we expect this to be fixed?


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Hi @mroek, the ticket for this is still getting worked on but they have made progress so I'm hoping in the next update or two. They don't have an exact timeline for us right now. 

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Is a progress bar really _that_ complicated to fix? Three months have passed and... nothing.

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Hi @milekspam I believe this was included in the update of Fusion that was released last night. Can you update and see if you still are experiencing this? 

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Indeed, it seems to work. I hope to give more testing over the weekend, but so far so good. Thank you!

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