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Components in Model not appearing in Drawing View

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Components in Model not appearing in Drawing View


I have been making drawings based on some model and animation views. Some components are not showing on the drawing views, even though they are visible in the model and animation views. On the drawing view, in the browser the component show body symbol is greyed out. 


In the images attached, the first is the browser in the model view which is showing the two parts missing.

The second image is from the animation view which shows the parts showing. The third image is from the drawing view of the animation were the show body symbol is greyed out and can't be clicked. 

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Please attach the model you are having issues with, not to 2D drawing.  Open in Fusion 360, select the file menu, then Export and save to your hard drive.  Attach the model file to a reply post using the attachment section.

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John Hackney

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Unfortunately I can't add the file. It is a company product and cannot be made public. If there is a way I can send to someone at AutoDesk privately that should be ok.

Thank you.

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Hi @victoria_ward5VZVE 


I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble. I’d like the team to take a closer look for you. Please share a downloadable link to your drawing, so that I can ask the team to investigate this, feel free to send it directly to me Clint. Brown {a} 

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