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Components added to model after drawings created show up on every drawing when not wanted

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Components added to model after drawings created show up on every drawing when not wanted

I created a model and thinking it was complete, then prepared the drawings from that model, including main assembly, sub assemblies and components.  All good so far.  The output drawing was a single file multi-page drawing.    After a few days of review I had to change a few screws and nuts to more suitable ones and re-saved the model, thinking the flow on drawing updates would be pretty easy and fast.   As you would expect the drawings did need to be re-synced to the model, all OK and as expected.  The new nuts and bolts show up on the main assembly as required, but the really annoying problem is that those new nuts and bolts also show up on EVERY sub assembly and EVERY component drawing - even though those fasteners have nothing to do with the components on those drawings.   See attached example screenshot extract.   When I first saw this and how it seemed to severely wreck all my drawings I nearly soiled my pants.   I have seen this happen before and remembered that I could go back into the left side menu for each drawing and turn all those new nuts and bolts off and the drawings went from apparently "broken" back to normal again.   But this is very time wasting and in my opinion should not happen.

Also a lot of dimensions became disassociated for no apparent reason. This is not too hard to repair , but is also time wasting.


As designers will often have to make seemingly simple changes like that to designs we should be able to add components to models without all that trouble and having to fix so many drawings that should not have become "broken" and full of unwanted parts.   Is there a way to add components to a model and update drawings so that they do not show up on all the drawings and where not wanted? 

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please share such a design with us for analysis.



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I already fixed the file and did not keep a prior version in its "disrupted" state. If it happens again I will send something. However I would have thought surely someone has already seen this issue and could either advise how to avoid it again, or whether it is on the Fusion team software upgrade/fix to do list. BTW I checked through the support posts before posting this but did not see anything that covered it.

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