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Component placement best practices?

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Component placement best practices?

What's the best way to organize and place components?  I have an instrument panel and various gauges as a top level components.  I want to place gauges (sometimes multiple copies) on the instrument panel, with the ability to align them and fine tune locations. 


So far I've been copying a gauge component, pasting it into the instrument panel component, and then using joints to move the gauges to locations marked by points in my instrument panel sketch.  It works, but it seems a bit clunky when I want to experiment with different layouts.  Is there a better way?  TIA.

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Not enough information, sounds about right, 

what you do on the way to the end goal, would depend on what that end goal is.


There May be Patterns / Mirrors within the layout to streamline the process.  Rigid Group, and or Ground are options over the single component / joint workflow you mention.


Might help....



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Can you share your design ?

Export as .f3d or .f3z and attach to a post.


Peter Doering

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