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Complex 3D sketching is buggy

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Complex 3D sketching is buggy

Hi there,


I really like 3D sketching but for some reason Fusion 360 starts to become quite buggy when you work with complex 3D sketches and need to constrain them in 3D. 


3d sketch3.png


3d sketch4.png

In this example, a study of a guitar neck / heel transition, I try to make it as smooth as possible so trying to do g3 on the control splines, this is of course possible using independent sketches for each part but for me the use of one 3D sketch is actually much easier and makes the timeline less cluttered doing a whole guitar, at least if Fusion 360 didn't make it so complicated to do the job.

One of the many issues I have here is for example to add a dimension or a constrain where Fusion 360 says the dimension would over constrain the sketch, which is odd as it worked yesterday but not anymore today, that's where I don't get a clue it's not consistent, you can close the soft and then re open it and then by magic the same action works again so i think this whole 3D sketching is not there yet. So constraining is quite buggy in Fusion compared to simple individual sketches. This is sad as it would be so powerful to use. 


Here a simple dimension doesn't work anymore where it worked yesterday. 


3d sketch1.png

3d sketch2.png
I'm sharing the file so you can try yourself. 

Thanks, Hans 

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in reply to: hansvaneven

In this new version I managed to go a little further but still inconsistent behaviour, for example impossible to change the degree (70°) while it worked a few minutes ago, removing some lines from the control spline makes it work again, so the fact you add g3 to the arc makes it become buggy, and impossible to add the exact height here. New version attached. 

3d sketch5.png


3d sketch6.png

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in reply to: hansvaneven

Ok so I may have found the solution myself still some parts not 100% sure and one transition is not there yet but this seems to work for a method.


3d sketch7.png

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I don't see any reason to create 3D sketches for the model you have shared.

Peter Doering
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in reply to: hansvaneven

It depends, for me doing so allows me to simplify the timeline, and less sketches, the feature is there for a reason 

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@hansvaneven wrote:

It depends


No 3D sketching needed for what you have done.

You have only complicated the design.


This design was done by me creating only easy to edit 2D sketches.


Yes, it has 3D sketches, but they are all the result of intersection of simple to create and edit 2D sketches.


Your 3D sketch is all planar geometry yet you duplicated all of this work. Get lazy!



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in reply to: hansvaneven

Well each one his way of working, for me it's simpler in 3D sketch, I agree I can do it in 2D but for some reason I find it more convenient to work in 3D and using less sketches

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