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Combining two bodies doesn't combine

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Combining two bodies doesn't combine

I've been using fusion 360 for a couple of weeks, so forgive me if I'm missing something obvious.


I have two bodies that I'm trying to join. I've used the combine object to join 3 other sets of similar bodies with no issues, however a fourth set of 2 bodies just refuses to combine. To demonstrate I've made a quick screencast.


Any ideas?





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@nathanautodeskNKHEC, are you certain that the two bodies overlap or at least touch?  This is required for Combine to successfully combine two bodies.  If you share your design here, we'll take a quick look.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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Yes they definitely touch. The parts that aren't combining are copies of other parts that did combine fine.


I'm not sure how to share my design.



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I decided to try moving the two bodies 0.01mm closer together, and they combine successfully now.


It makes no sense, given that it's a copy of a pair of bodies that combined just fine, but I will consider the issue closed. Thanks for your help!

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Hello friend of the past,  i was getting the same problem between a thickened surface and a sweep body.
After moving one of them of 0.01mm it now combine. Thank for the tips.

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