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Combining Mesh Bodies to make a cavity.

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Combining Mesh Bodies to make a cavity.

Hello community! First time user and poster, all very new.


I'm having issues with combining mesh bodies to make a cavity with the Modify>Combine>Cut function in Fusion 360. I have imported a 3D scan as an .STL file "repaired" and "rebuilt" the mesh using the automatic tools. My goal is to make a negative impression into a form acting as a foam slab. I have been successful executing this with other STLs, but this import happens to be of a Flemish Bell from the 16th c. and therefor is hollow! I've done my best to make it a solid mesh by capping off the end, but it always seems to leave behind the volume inside as mesh. Being a very complex model with lots of geometry its not obvious to me how to eliminate the interior that's left behind or keep it from happening from the get go. Maybe there's something missing in my process that would help make this a snap.


As I mentioned in the beginning, I am very new to Fusion 360, and CAD modeling as well. If this is something obvious to you, it likely is not obvious to me. Take a look and let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks Forum!

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Please attach the two mesh bodies you are using.

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Let me know if these work. Thanks for looking!

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