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collision/crash, random extra toolpath startpoint.

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collision/crash, random extra toolpath startpoint.

Hi guys,

I have been using Fusion for a couple of months now to generate toolpaths for our pocket NC v2-50chk.

in the past we have had a lot of success running g code from fusion, 

yesterday I was machining a part and the toolpaths started at weird positions, not the entry position visible in the fusion simulator, this almost resulted in a crash, and we pushed on. later in the machining another toolpath started in a weird(seemingly random) spot and caused a collision with the tool and stock (luckily only a broken tool). 

We started to investigate,

we started generating toolpaths and running them in the Pentamachine simulator (link below)this simulator shows exactly what the machine will do with the provided g code. 
We found that every toolpath we generate doesn't begin at the start location that Fusion shows us. this is the case if you post a single toolpath and also if you post more toolpaths at once(in that case each toolpath starts at a weird spot). 

normally when the machine starts a new toolpath it moves to xyz 0 and goes to the toolpath start position and starts machining. In Figure 1(pdf) I shoed this move in the penta sim

now the machine goes from its xyz 0 to a kind of extra start point (seemingly random position most times next to the stock bottom or lower, and other times right above the stock), and from there it slowly moves to the standpoint the fusion simulator shows me. this weird position is not shown in fusion, only in the Penta simulator. 

This lead me to think my settings became the problem. For this reason I post processed a toolpath i made and ran perfectly 2 or 3 months ago  (the machine stood unused for the last 1,5 moths) the exact same problem showed up in the Penta sim

I found an old gcode file from 2 or 3 months ago (that has ran perfectly in the past) and ran it in the Penta sim. Nothing weird happened and the code ran fine.

I have just updated my post processor from 44021  to 44048, this did not make a difference.

in figure 2 (pdf) I showed my intended toolpath in fusion. I then post processed this toolpath and uploaded it in the Penta simulator.  In figure 3(pdf) I showed the result that the Penta simulator gives me, as you can see in the green circled area, there are positions where I do not want the tool to go. (blue lines are linking moves between operations) in figure 4(pdf) I showed the error messages the Penta sim gave me with the g code from figure 3.

I have searched for hours on the internet and forums but cannot find anything that kind of resembles my problem or could fix my issue.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this, is this a bug? Is it my settings? I am fully stuck and cannot finish my part and am postponing my R&D team deadline because of the standstill of our cnc machine.

Pentamachine simulator,     TLO = -80.243mm 

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