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Cloud save not possible

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Cloud save not possible

Hello to all,

For more than a week, it is impossible for us to save new project or update existing projects on the cloud (by pressing the save button).


The upload appears to be blocked, the blue upload circle spinning indefinitely. We have a valid educational license.


The problem is present on all our computers (towers and laptops), regardless of the version of Fusion 360 (15 or 16 even on fresh installs), of the version of Windows 10 (21H2, 22H2), the account logged and online (and therefore different clouds) or the network ( school, home or personal 4G), no problems appears when testing via the built-in network tool. It clearely seems to be a cloud issue.


The only workaround (apart from local export/backup) that we have to date is to purge the cache, which causes the software to restart and it is only from this moment that the file seems to be uploaded (normal restart does not solve the problem).


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: got some "Space collection is disabled" errors during upload processes in my AppLogFile

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I have the same problem. As far as I can tell the same solution works for me, too.

Here's part of the console output that repeats itself basically over and over again:


18:11:06 [rpcHandler]: Receiving command documentSaved
18:11:06 Setting document f44024a9-aeb1-45e8-979e-7d56b812f449c103e3b3-19d4-462a-b7ea-835a487331e2 to last operation = Saving
18:11:06 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
18:11:06 [documentSaved]: Start
18:11:06 An error occured while running the operation documentPostSaveExecutor: Space collection is disabled: [object Object] Error: Space collection is disabled
at executeQueuedEvent (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\webdeploy\production\aa5acb965e635aafefbe0657ed470ebc997e829c\FremontJsLib\lib.fremont.nodejs.js:2:3850282)
18:11:06 {
name: 'Worker-documentSaved',
message: 'Space collection is disabled'
18:11:06 [documentSaved] PimStateService: ERROR - RPC queue operation failed [Space collection is disabled: [object Object]].
Disabling PIM operations on document id: f44024a9-aeb1-45e8-979e-7d56b812f449c103e3b3-19d4-462a-b7ea-835a487331e2
18:11:06 [documentSaved]: End (2 ms)
18:11:06 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm using Linux tho and I can not confirm if it ever has worked before since I'm new to this.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.


EDIT: Cloud backup works perfectly via browser version . The problem only appears on desktop versions of Fusion 360

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