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Cleaning the Body

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Cleaning the Body

Hi Everyone,


I'm facing the problem that i made a body with the freeform and i didn't had any lines (except one on the side over the complete length) on the body when switching into "normal" construction view.


When the body was finished I converted it into Brep. After that it got many lines over the complete model. Unfortunately I don't have the possibility to roll back before that step.


So I started a Free Form again but now I already have lines in the unconverted body.


Trying to find a solution on that since several days hopefully someone here can help.

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no one answered, so I'll comment on this.  Those "lines" are edges.  A Form (T-Spline) body, when converted to a BRep will alway consist of more than one face - you cannot represent an entire T-Spline as a single surface - it needs to be split into discrete faces.  There is no way to remove those edges.  What problem are they causing?  If you don't like how they look visually, just set your display type to "shaded" instead of the default "shaded with visible edges".  Then, the edges will not be drawn.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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