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Circular dependency found, causing components to disappear

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Circular dependency found, causing components to disappear


Im working on a project and im nearing its completion, when I get a circular dependency error.


So I save and quit fusion thinking it was some weird bug. I reopen fusion and half of my components have completely disappered from the sidebar. Whats weird is that all the features associated with the components are sitll in the timeline, but they are no where to be seen in the editor

Please help.png

This feature should create a new component called Arm 2 but its no where in the sidebar. 

Any help would be nice. I have attached the file


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Thanks for posting this question.


Fusion is designed to avoid circular dependencies, but, it appears you have found a way that is not protected. Basically, it's saying that the sketch is referring to a plane that refers to the sketch. This might have happened when you reordered features in the timeline.


There are a couple things you could try.


First, open an older saved version of the design, from before the creation of the circular dependency. Continue working with the design and avoid the steps that cause a new circular dependency. Help article explaining how to do this.


Tip: read the error messages when they appear, and take note of red or yellow warnings in the timeline. Those are indicators that the action you took caused loss of references, or other parametric errors. Stopping and understanding why some action resulted in an error/warning is a critical step for you, when it happens.


Here is an Autodesk University class that explains this part of Fusion.




If an older version of the file is not usable, try converting the work plane into a DM feature. This removes the parametric dependencies and seems to revive your design somewhat. There are red and yellow features in the timeline, but I have no idea if those existed prior to the circular dependency.



Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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Thanks for the reply. After playing around with it for a bit I found that deleting the problematic construction plane solved the issue.


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