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Changing Tolerance in Feature Control Frame Doesn't Allow Saving Drawing

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Changing Tolerance in Feature Control Frame Doesn't Allow Saving Drawing

Hi guys,


Just ran into a suuuper minor bug/unexpected behavior I thought I'd make you aware of. If I open an existing file to edit a feature control frame, and that's the only thing I change, Fusion doesn't allow me to save the change.


You can see a screencast of this here: - in this case I was trying to correct the flatness tolerance on a drawing, didn't need to change anything else, and this change doesn't prompt the save button to become clickable. Ctrl + S also doesn't save the file, and you can see when I close out of it I'm not prompted to save and the date on the data panel is still showing that it's the old version of the file (11/13/23 instead of 11/14/23). The easy workaround is to just change something else to prompt the file to let me save. 


I get the same results whether I'm editing the first or second feature control frame in this case, and updating the out-of-date linked model doesn't seem to change things either.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I can reproduce this issue and track it as internal ticket (FDWG-17712) for further investigation.

As a workaround, Users can add other/additional drawing operations to make "Save" available. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Fred Chen
SQA Engineer
Quality Assurance Team
Autodesk, Inc.

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