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Changing Drawing Dimension Decimal Places to Commas to match BS8888

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Changing Drawing Dimension Decimal Places to Commas to match BS8888



I'm trying to set up a drawing template and I want to set it up so that it suits BS8888. BS8888 states that decimal places should be commas and then have spaces between every 3 numbers to signify every 1,000. For exampls, 1 million point 55 would be 1 000 000,55. Is it possible to set this up in fusion 360?



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Hi @jwhite9AVFN 


This functionality is not yet available. But every customer request that we get, from meetings, emails, forum posts etc. gets collected and categorised in our feature request database. This information is used to prioritise the features that we build. I've added your request to our database (FDWG-AT242).


I'd love to hear from you directly, and to get your thoughts around this. If you're up for it, here is a link to my calendar, please book a 30-minute session with me, and we can chat on Zoom (Note that times are in 24:00 format so 03:00 is 3am, 15:00 is 3pm). Or if a good old-fashioned email is more your style, feel free to ping me Clint. Brown {a}

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