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Change default color and size

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Change default color and size

I have trouble reading driven dimensions since the font is relatively small and the color is too close to the background color, is there any way to make dimensions in sketches more legible?

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There is no way to change the sketch dimension text size.  You may find the use of a different Environment will give you a better contrast.



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That's a shame, the other environments do seem to have better contrast so I'm not sure why they chose that option for Grey Room. I'm surprised there isn't an option to change the font size, a common accessibility feature in most software products. even with the higher contrast in other environments, it can be hard to read dimensions.

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This program is really starting to erk me.  The inabilites of not being able to create professional architectural drawings is beyond frustrating, but now I'm finding out that I can't even change the color of my text.  You can't make this S*** up.  Is this Autodesk?  This program is 10 years old!!!! and it's abilities are as if it's something that's only been out for a year.

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I'd also like to add my request that dimension text size be changeable.  It is so tiny on my monitor (2560 x 1440 on a 32 inch)


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