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Center point arcs not displaying radial nor radius

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Center point arcs not displaying radial nor radius

I have a template consisting of 2 sketches. Each sketch is derived from another sketch. All the sketches consist of 24 arcs with the center point at the origin. Every new version involves changing radii. For some reason some of the arcs are not constrained to the center and when I change the radius, the center point moves and when I try to move it back, it refuses to go. After that, if I delete that arc and put back a new one, the arc will display but the radial and the radius do not display making modifications much more difficult. I have to delete the arc and make a new one from then on instead of just changing the radius..

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Can you attach your problematic model. 

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It locked up. I says File not found and it will no longer accept commands.
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had to restart Fusion 360. Even after restarting, the Center point arc is still not working properly. It doesn't seem to care where the center point is placed either.

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I attached two, one, a Link from Fusion360 and the other a screenshot of the sketch. All I see from the Fusion360 link is the final rendering. I assumed it would make the whole design chain accessible. I'm fairly new at this so if there is a method you want me to use, please provide the details.
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@rpweaverTTHVX wrote:
I attached two, one, a Link from Fusion360


Can you File>Export your *.f3d (or *.f3z) file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?


Edit: I see a lot of white dots, repeated dimensions and missing tangents/angle dimensions in your sketch image.

For predictable editing the sketch will need to be fully defined.

I suspect that it could be significantly simplified (a lot of repetition).

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in reply to: rpweaverTTHVX


there is no download permission.
Either you are using a personal license or you have not activated the permission.



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I understand a single device design can be made simpler. However, like I said, this is using a template design that can be changed by changing the radii. This is where I see the problem. The design is for Sewing Machine stitch pattern cams. The way I have it, all I need to do to change the stitch pattern is to change the radii, fix the connector conic curves and save the new cam design. There are 2 layers, each with 24 active lobes and 24 connector lobes. The two layers are offset by 7.5 degrees. I think you will understand that recreating the whole design for every different pattern couldn't be simpler unless I could import the radii which I generate in a spread sheet. I can't predict what lobes do what for future stitch patterns. This particular pattern is for hearts. The top layer changes the direction and length of the fabric movement for each stitch while the bottom layer changes the left right position of the needle for each stitch. Each rotation of the cam is one pattern and consists of 24 stitches. The cam followers are 5mm in diameter so the conic curves need to compensate for that to prevent premature changes. Also, the follower can get stuck if the transitions from one lobe to the next is too great for an increasing radius. The cam followers move in an arc which you can see so the location of the lobes move as the radius changes. I've put a lot of effort over the years into this design with many iterations. With it, I can create a new cam in a day if I don't run into problems. I must say I've run into many problems too.

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I have a hobby license. When I try to share from the data panel, it says I need to have a paid subscription. I am retired and this is for personal satisfaction. I do not sell these.

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