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Center of Mass only 1D and Parts List mass including suppressed components

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Center of Mass only 1D and Parts List mass including suppressed components

Looks like Center of Mass (and World X, Y, Z) in Properties is only reporting the X coordinate. Pretty sure this used to work in the past...


Also, the Parts List in Drawings seems to be including suppressed component masses in higher levels, i.e. the "suppressed" component is not included in the parts list but its mass is still in the higher-level assembly mass.


It'd be really nice to have a better means of indicating and controlling which components are included in mass calculations, it's confusing and time-consuming enough as it is, without having to hide/remove/suppress components and bodies just to get some basic information about the model. Also (still) missing is a way to override these parameters. Please help!

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Hi @mark.honeth 


I'd love to know a bit more about the mass problem that you are seeing on parts lists. Please share a downloadable link to your drawing, so that I can ask the team to investigate this, or if it is sensitive, feel free to send it directly to me Clint. Brown {a}


I'd be interested in connecting with you to see how you are using our drawings package.  If you're up for it, here is a link to my calendar, please book a session with me, and we can chat on Zoom. I can also show you some of the new tools that are coming soon. (note calendar times are in 24:00 format so 03:00 is 3am, 15:00 is 3pm).  


cc: @-kyleWilliams-

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@mark.honeth can you answer the first question ? Why is only the x coordinate showing in the properties window ? I am see the same problem. I am using the latest Mac F360.




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