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Capture Position for Joint Angles?

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Capture Position for Joint Angles?


I have a small series of 6 components linked together by revolute Joints.

I would like to modify all 6 revolute joints, then capture their joint angles (similar to capture position), then change the joint angles to a different configuration, then save the joint angles again etc.


The goal is to quickly go from one joint configuration to the next without having to manually change each revolute joint every time.


I tried using the Capture Position function, but it does not show after changing joint angles.




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Something is grounded?

Click drag the article to move, and place it where you want.  Capture Position.

Do it again for another position, and capture that location, repeat as long as you need.


Step up and down the time line for your animation.


There May be other ways, but no data to review.


Might help....

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in reply to: hanns1

Can you share your design?  While not a replacement for "positional representations" or "positional configurations", Capture Position should work as you expect.  Here is a simple example.  Model is attached:


[edit]  Note, I positioned these components using "Drive Joint".  I hope you are not trying to change the joints by editing the joint.  That is a much different operation.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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