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Canvas imports with wrong aspect ratio

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Canvas imports with wrong aspect ratio

As title says, canvas import results in a completely wrong aspect ration witch also makes the function kind of useless.

Here I am trying to make a quick wall mount for my drills.

Image fileImage fileScreenprint from import screenScreenprint from import screenSkärmavbild 2019-12-10 kl. 15.34.37.png

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in reply to: greenveg

Can you Attach the original image file here and indicate rectangular size?

This should be an easy one.


So easy - that I don't even need your image - I can simply screen capture from above.

What is the rectangular size?  Inch or mm?


Image on Canvas.PNG



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in reply to: greenveg

This is an embarrassingly old bug.

In this thread from 2015!!! I track down the reason, present a workaround and I am told "they are looking into it".


@ryan.bales ?

Peter Doering
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in reply to: TrippyLighting

I talked about this a while back internally with that team. Let me bring it up again and see if there is anything they can do. I know there was a reason or at least explanation as to why it does that. 

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

What? Did you even read my description?
The image file is the first photo in the post.
I can of course fiddle with the scaling and image size calibration. That is not the point. The point is the fusion imports with wrong aspect ratio. It smushes the image.

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in reply to: greenveg

Hi @greenveg, I know this is a bit late but i had the same problem today when i was taking a photo on my phone and importing it to my MacBook, but what i found was if you slightly crop the photo before sending it to your computer it imports into fusion with the correct aspect ratio as shown below. Not CroppedNot CroppedCroppedCropped


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This bug is still here as of August 2020 😞

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@OceanHydroAU  does what i have suggested still work? 

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in reply to: greenveg

Bug is still present. Please fix it or disable the function.

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in reply to: adam.j.mclachlan

Yes it does! Very nice and quick (although odd) workaround for the bug.

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in reply to: adam.j.mclachlan

Yes it does! Very nice and quick (although odd) workaround for the bug.
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in reply to: tomsaubi

They bug is that:

(A) they've got X and Y mixxed up when reading the image EXIF data, and

(B) they do not have any reliable way for us to report bugs to get fixed (this is a YEARS old problem).


If you do ANYTHING to the image that removes the EXIF data (crop it, rotate it, re-save it, etc) - then import works.

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in reply to: ryan.bales

Hi - did you ever get in touch with that team?


It's a pretty basic bug they've got - they are mixing up X and Y when reading image EXIF data.


Can you ask them to please fix this now?

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This is a bug that has been reported and recognized by AD several times since 2015!!! I posted the link to the 1st thread describing this bug in an earlier post in this thread.


Peter Doering
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in reply to: OceanHydroAU

It's things like this that is making me very skeptical about ever using Fusion professionally (if I ever get to the point where I get the opportunity to).


I don't know anything about coding, but the fact that cropping fixes the issue suggests that it's not a particularly difficult one to fix. It's been six years.... and it's not as though it's a particularly little-used feature, either...


And the fact that you said there's no (reliable!) way to report it...


It's issues like this that spring up several times each day I decide to dedicate to trying to progress with this software. It raises some fundamental questions....

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in reply to: greenveg

Yes, they under-the-hood sketchiness is quite worrying, but on the flipside - what % of modellers, youtube videos, and instructional trainers are using this?  I'd estimate that it's 95% or above; I can only think of one time in the last few months where I saw anything at all that wasn't Fusion360.


Plus - the insane depth of support for almost everything that's built in is a total marvel, and when you wrap your head around how to use the parametric features properly - the power you get to reduce your future workload is ridiculously valuable (even if you do have to do it all a second or third time to work around the bugs!).


While it is a big head-scratch to me how they don't seem to have a working ay to record and solve bugs, they *do* have these forums, which they claim to (and in my experience, 50% of the time they actually do) read what we say and fix things.  What other product puts you directly in touch with the team building it ?


Disclaimer: I've never used anything else, so I don't know exactly how bad the other stuff is, other than knowing that it's all old.

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@OceanHydroAU wrote:

1. ... but on the flipside - what % of modelers, youtube videos, and instructional trainers are using this

2. What other product puts you directly in touch with the team building it ?

1. What is "using this"?  Fusion 360?  I have only seen a couple of my students find employment using Fusion 360.

2. Autodesk Inventor Professional for one.  SolidWorks for another...

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in reply to: tomsaubi

@tomsaubi I do understand those concerns and at some point in time had the same thoughts. However, I use a number of other CAD products and have found and reported bugs there as well.


Yes, this bug should be simple to fix, but then there are simple workarounds available (I had to do that just the other day). Based on feedback I've received from the Fusion 360 team that seems to be one of the determining characteristics they use to prioritize bugs.

While I don't necessarily agree with that approach, I can live with it, for now.

Other bugs I've reported have been fixed fairly quickly!


If you ever run into limitations then you can still add to other CAD  products to your workflow. In the meantime Fusion 360 still provides quite some bang for the buck. If you do get to use Fusion 360 professionally, you really need to do a thorough evaluation.


I personally use more than one CAD tool, for example. Just because I also use ZW3D and have started sticking my nose into Autodesk Alias does not mean I am going to stop using Fusion 360 or Blender. That would be incredibly silly.

Each of those applications have their strong points and the trick is really to figure out what those are and then utilize those strong points!  


Peter Doering
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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

I have only seen a couple of my students find employment using Fusion 360.

That's another thing... I agree that Fusion is an INCREDIBLE tool for hobbyists, especially given that it's free. But (and I know there are some professionals that'll pipe up on this board saying 'I use it!') over the past year or so of getting familiar with the CAD community, people using fusion professionally does seem to be in the minority compared to hobbyists. That might be because it hasn't been around long enough to establish itself in the market (although.... coming from such an established name must make that less of an issue) or due to its robustness, or lack of certain features, or something else.

I haven't used other CAD software, but I decided to do a search for "Why is Solidwords so buggy?!!' and a fair number of complaints did come up. So it might be the inherent complexity of CAD software that is the issue.  @TheCADWhisperer , as someone with experience in both, do you find Fusion to be less robust than SolidWorks or is it about the same?

Fusion is awesome, and it has a lot of things going for it that other packages don't, in particular everything need to do both design and CAM being in the same package - workflow-wise that's amazing. The real thing for me is the fact that I only have a limited number of days a week to dedicate to trying to learn and produce meaningful stuff, and when a good % (sometimes 100%!) of that time is spent scratching my head wondering if I've messed up or the software is messing up, I really start to wish the fusion team's roadmap was pointing more to the direction of robustness rather than expanding the feature set. Then again, if fusion didn't exist then I wouldn't be doing it at all - so I can't complain!!

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in reply to: TrippyLighting

It's interesting to hear that's how bugs are prioritised. And  that does make sense to an extent.


It's rare that I find that I can't do something that I want to in fusion, so I don't find myself pining for another piece of software that does have another feature. But I spend loads of energy battling with little issues like this one, and exporting my project to another piece of software to do a particular thing because fusion isn't cooperating, then re-importing it back into fusion, breaking my timeline in the process.... nah that isn't happening!!


You're right, fusion does provide ridiculous bang for my buck. But in a professional environment where time is money, I'm not sure.

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