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Canvas image size bug?

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Canvas image size bug?

I don't know if this is a known issue, or potentially something new, as I've generally worked with canvas images of different dimensions before, but I just imported front and side view canvases, and both images have exactly the same pixel height (619pixels) and yet the side view image always comes in smaller than the front view. I had to scale the side view image up 1.096 to make it match the other image. 
I deliberately created the front and side views in the same image in photoshop so they would have the same height, thinking I would just be able to import them, and have them perfectly height aligned with each other automatically, but apparently it just does not seem to work that way? Is this normal? Seems a bit odd..

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in reply to: welbot

This is expected. The canvas logic changes the size depending on the size of the target. It must be finding that your two planes are not the same size.


The reason for this is to avoid inserting what would be "smaller than a pixel" canvases into very large models. Or giant canvases into tiny models. If the default size was fixed, both of these cases would happen often.


Canvas and decal are not currently built to be "pixel precise". They are both intended to be approximate. Many have asked in this forum about it. I suppose we could change that one day, but there are no plans to do so at this time.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
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To be considered a serious tool there should be an option for importing a canvas that respects the image size. This could be a check box. Not difficult. In-fact, it should be easier as the import would presumably bypass the rescale function that's doing all of this background leg-work. Some of us have a different, more precise workflow and we would love it if our invested time in using optical scans could be acknowledged and respected instead of tossed for the lowest common denominator.
I have been frustrated with this software for some time now but I stick with it because there seemed to be active development on getting features and functions implemented. This one issue for me seems antithetical to the entire reason for parameterized software.
I really think this should be built-in. Best use case has been building custom gaskets from flat bed scans to reverse engineer a solution that is easily laser cut. Without the ability to pull in the canvas with pixel precision it is a less than ideal situation that feels "dirty" to have to calibrate an already calibrated image. I've made my case and I'll just figure on adopting to what's available.
Thanks for listening.

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wow.. no idea why I never got emails about replies to this post. I have the option checked.. 
Apologies if I should be avoiding bring up ancient stuff like this, but I can at least do so to close this, as it thankfully doesn't appear to be an issue any more. 
Now when I import 2 images on to canvas planes, if one of the dimensions is the same, they actually show up in the software with the scale of that dimension being the same as each other, as it should be.
I'm not sure what you meant by it must be finding the 2 planes are not the same size exactly... Given I was importing to the origin's front and side views, there were no real dimensions for that, so I can only assume you mean the dimensions of the image I was importing. And if that's the case, I still fail to see why it couldn't bring in 2 images with the same height, but different widths, and have both images visually appear in the scene with matching heights. Just made no sense. It has been a little while since I had to use a canvas for 2 views at the same time now, but I did test it prior to replying to this to double check what the state of it was, and it did successfully bring in both images, and have their heights match in the scene, so I'm guessing someone must have fixed it at some point, unless I just got super lucky or something 😂
Either way, I'll accept the solution to close it and clear it out of the system.
Again, apologies for not doing so sooner, but I never got notified that anyone replied, and only discovered this by happening across it in my notifications history on the site.
Stay awesome legends! 😄
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in reply to: welbot


If you insert several images of the same object as canvases, you must calibrate each view separately and align the views accordingly.



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in reply to: g-andresen

The issue wasn't about aligning them, rather that even though the 2 images had the same dimensions in one direction, they would come in at different scales. It appears that this no longer happens though.

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