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Cannot Open Fusion 360 - Stuck in Login Loop

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Cannot Open Fusion 360 - Stuck in Login Loop

So yesterday I had to replace the motherboard in my Computer. When I was done I opened Fusion 360 and got a warning in the corner saying I was "Offline". It looked like the same error I get when Fusion is down for maintenance, so I just called it a day and walked away. This morning however, I cannot even get into Fusion 360. I open it and get a "Sign In" Screen that sends me to the web browser. I login, to my currently active & paid for account, and when I click the button to send me back to Fusion, I get an error message (screen grab attached). 

That error tells me to go to this HELP ARTICLE. Which tells me to use the Fusion Launcher to reset Fusion 360.  The Problem is, the Fusion Launcher never launches... If I hit SHIFT+CTRL & open Fusion 360 a Dialog Box pops up saying the Fusion Launcher is starting, but then Fusion just launches completely normally & sends me right back into that Login issue where the whole process begins a new loop.  

That is it. I have work to get done & I'm stuck with Fusion acting like I don't have an account at all.

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I was able to fix it.  The help article that the Error sent me to was useless.  Searching around a bit, THIS HELP ARTICLE was what I needed. I had to manually remove the old Login details so it could restart fresh and that did it.

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