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Cannot Fully Define 3d Sketch With Fillets

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Cannot Fully Define 3d Sketch With Fillets

I'm working on a side project and I have a 3d sketch. It's a very basic sketch. The sketch is nice and defined, all black lines everywhere. Then when it's time to apply the fillets, boom, undefined. I apply the same constraints (equal lines, horizontal/vertical) and the piece remains undefined. I click and drag, no movement. I click and drag every single element in the sketch to see which of them is giving me the problem, line endpoints, the line itself, the fillet, the fillet center point and there is NO movement whatso ever. Even When I apply an equal constraint to an under defined element I get an over-constrained error. Every Tutorial I look up just glosses over their fillets being under defined. If this is an issue for everyone I'll just move on with my life, but I always thought it was poor practice to leave a sketch under defined.

What am I missing here?

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Have you tried using construction lines?

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Could you be a little more specific please?
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Feel free to download it and try it, I'm at my wits end ...

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simply try it this way


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I didn't know you could do that! 

But I found that if I apply the fillets one at a time, I don't have a problem. I will accept your solution for the kodus.

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I'm curious to know if this deserves to be in the 'bug' category. I've noticed these issues when applying multiple fillets. When I do the fillets one at a time the sketch stays defined.

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