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Cannot Create planes or plane faces to select, only splash or blank screen in workspace

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Cannot Create planes or plane faces to select, only splash or blank screen in workspace

When I choose "Create Sketch" I should see a workspace to allow me to "Select a plane or planar face."  However, the workspace is only the splash screen, of which then disappears leaving a blank workspace...nowhere do I see the three planes.  See attached screenshot "Fusion360 jpeg."


If I click on the workspace, the display switched to the Sketch screen with the Sketch Tools, , but still no grid, etc...  I can for example select 2-Point Rectangle button and try to create it which shows dimensions for something but it remains invisible, and the Sketch Palette.  See attached screenshot "Create Sketch jpeg."


It seems this is a display issue, but as I'm at the very beginning of the Self Paced Learning, I've don't know enough to diagnose.  My intention is to migrate to Fusion360 from Onshape, but I need to get past this to get started.


I've also twice uninstalled and reinstalled with no change in the problem.  I have updated my graphics card driver, as instructed with an initial warning banner mentioning this might be an issue.  No more warning banner after the driver update.  Under "Help", I performed the Graphics Diagnostic, but it didn't indicate any problem.  I did select to "Limit effects to optimize performance", also to no change in the problem.

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One thing you could try is to change your Fusion 360 Graphics Driver.  If you do, you will have to restart Fusion 360 between each change.


Graphics Driver.jpg


You can also run the Graphics Diagnostic routine and see if it is using your graphic card.


Graphics Diagnostic.jpg

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Yay!  That did it.  By default the graphics driver for Fusion 360 was Auto Select.  The drop down menu also listed DirectX 11, DirectX 9 and Open GL Core Profile.  The first (DirectX 11) made no difference, but both of the other two fixed the issue I described.  I don't know why I should prefer OpenGL Core Profile or DirectX 9, but I'm happy to now be able to move on with my Self-Paced Learning.  Just a few minutes in tolling around, and I already can see that I'm going to like this even better than OnShape...seems more intuitive.

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Woah... I had the same issue, that I cannot see the planes and lines suddenly (dont really know why). I changes the driver API and its working good now. But what can be the core reason for this?

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