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Cannot access my designs: Cloud Libraries: No projects in hub!

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Cannot access my designs: Cloud Libraries: No projects in hub!

I lost access to my project from whithin Fusion. I thought something was wrong with my network or installation, but I reinstalled Fusion 2 times and the problems persist. I have captured all strange screens and will try to post them here:

Unfortunately only 3 pictures are possible.


I am able to start a new design, but saving it cannot be done as it gives me error that Fusion is syncing. Only one time it succeeded with saving, but again this newly created design was not visible when I closed and reopened the program. 


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Here is some more screens.

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I do see all my projects, folders and designs from the Home icon. I am able to open them in the program, but I cannot save any changes to them. I also do not see anything in under "My Recent Data":


2024-02-13 20_24_21-.png2024-02-13 20_21_26-Autodesk Fusion Personal (Not for Commercial Use).png

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20240214T152858 E 17328 GET 60 dt=0.72 schannel: CertGetCertificateChain trust error CERT_TRUST_IS_UNTRUSTED_ROOT
20240214T152858 I 10972 GET 0 - workflow:TenantCollImpl::downloadDataEx attempt:0 requestId:f360_TenantCollImpl::downloadDataEx__1-65ccce28-1b55f42d9e864e26bbc9c5b9 dt=0.74
20240214T152858 I 17328 GET 404 dt=1.06 {"reason":"Object not found"}
20240214T152858 I 17328 GET 404 dt=1.06 {"reason":"Object not found"}
20240214T152858 I 9664 GET 404 - workflow:Options attempt:0 requestId:f360_Options__1-65ccce28-eb519c9221924400b7af1e3d dt=1.07
20240214T152858 I 28260 GET 404 - workflow:Options attempt:0 requestId:f360_Options__1-65ccce28-6c72952a9e2744cbb2f4a45e dt=1.07
20240214T152858 I .24952 POST 200 - workflow:SLM_startSession attempt:0 requestId:f360_SLM_startSession__1-65ccce28-de839dc647254657b057c34d dt=1.07
20240214T152858 I .24952 SLM: session = 101877784
20240214T152858 I .24952 (total 7.901s diff 1.071s) PERF: AppLogMgr::refresh START.
20240214T152858 I .24952 (total 8.390s diff 0.488s) PERF: AppLogMgr::refresh 0.488462 END.
20240214T152858 I .24952 [CFS] Stopping uploader threads.

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20240214T153451 I .19376 (total 10.534s diff 0.000s) PERF: checkHubStatus START.
20240214T153451 E .19376 checkHubStatus: hubsJsonFuture.get() could not get information about hubs from the services.
20240214T153451 E 25192 GET 60 dt=0.71 schannel: CertGetCertificateChain trust error CERT_TRUST_IS_UNTRUSTED_ROOT
20240214T153451 I .19376 GET 0 - workflow:HTTPClient attempt:0 requestId:f360_HTTPClient__1-65cccf8a-d52dac1cb06b45e1b01cdfed dt=0.71
20240214T153451 D .19376 getHubStatusFromJson-SSLHandshakeErrorJSON:
20240214T153451 D .19376 SitesAPIResult (Bad DNS Server):
20240214T153451 I .19376 CloudSessionManager::checkHubStatus: hasAPersonalSite=0, hasTeamHub=0, eHubStatus=eSSLHandshakeError, isEntitled=1
20240214T153451 W .19376 sitesJson is empty, Hub based FF are not going to be downloaded, hubReady won't be fired. Reason: eSSLHandshakeError
20240214T153451 I .19376 (total 11.247s diff 0.713s) PERF: checkHubStatus 0.713383 END.

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I have tried manual cleanup following these steps and reinstalled 3rd time - still same behaviour.


How to do a manual uninstall of Autodesk Fusion

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