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Can't use capital letters to rename projects

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Can't use capital letters to rename projects

Going through old projects, and some names are unintuitive. Inside of Fusion, you're able to rename projects from the data panel by right click -> Rename. I'm able to rename projects in lowercase letters, spaces, and special characters, but as soon as I touch the shift key it reverts the name to what it was previously. I'm on the latest version of Fusion.

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You did not say what your operating system is.  I see no issue.  I am using Windows 10 Pro.  Maybe restarting Fusion 360 will help or if needed, do a Repair using the Fusion 360 Service Utility.


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Sorry, I'm on Windows 10 Pro as well. I restarted Fusion 2 or 3 times earlier today, but on this last time I held Ctrl + Shift (to my knowledge it just runs the program as admin) and accepted the prompt and it works now. Restarted without admin privileges, and it still works. What's odd is that the Service Utility never popped up. Oh well, it works now. Thanks!

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