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Can't start program after login

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Can't start program after login

I have installed Fusion 360 (ver 2.0.16009) on a MS Surface laptop that is on Windows 11.

The app then directs the user to sign in from the Web which he does successfully.

The web then has a link to go back to open the app.

The app doesn't change, The window stays the same as, the link to go to a web browser and sign in.

Can someone help urgently as this user can't get any work done.

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in reply to: itFXGGB

Good day @itFXGGB,


Have you tried resetting Fusion 360 through the Service Utility?

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Kind regards,
Pieter-Ben van Wyk
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@itFXGGB Canyon please attach log files here? 

1. Close Fusion 360
2. Launch again and while it is launching click on Ctrl+shift to launch the Fusion 360 service utility
3. In there click on the gather system info
4. Attach the diagnostic file that this one generates

The logs will help is determine what could be happening. 

If you change the default browser (from say edge to chrome etc), does that help?

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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