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Can't select items in "Project" using a drag/bounding box.

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Can't select items in "Project" using a drag/bounding box.

 Attempting to project an entire sketch from an imported file ("Insert Into Current File").


When using the "Project" tool to take a sketch from the imported file and project it onto another surface, I have to select each thing I want to project, 1 by 1.




This is the tool I am referring to. Neither of the options above allow me to use a rectangle selection box.


There is no body on the inserted file, so I can't use that option.


Essentially, what I'm trying to do is nest a bunch of drawings that I use in other projects and I want the changes to be reflected across all files should I happen to update one of the drawings. Those drawings don't have bodies because they are simply sketches that are referenced/inserted into each of the files that DO contain bodies.


Is there a way of selecting multiple entities in the PROJECT function rather than select each one individually?

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in reply to: Careless_

Hi @Careless_,


Thank you for posting! Smiley Happy

Unfortunately, if there's no body, you couldn't use the body option in the Project command. Here is Help menu.

Are you unable to create the body using your sketch? It's just to utilize the body option in the project.

I'm not sure whether I can find any other workarounds, but I want to try it. could you share your model? my email address is


I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks,


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in reply to: ahreum.ryu

yes i know i cannot use the body selection function.


i was asking why a user would have to click each and every item one by one with single clicks, and why I cannot use drag-click to select multiple items in entities mode.


the only solution was to create a body and project the sketch. this is a useless step since I don't need a body to be created there. I just need to import a sketch and project a feature from it onto another surface. but in order to do so I have to single-click each and every section of the sketch I want to project.


why can't a drag-click be implemented to make this easier for the user?

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in reply to: Careless_

Hi @Careless_,


Yes, I understand that it's a bit tough to click the objects one by one. Smiley Sad

I searched the same issue in our Idea Station. it's gathering support.

I already voted it! please vote it and then let's see how it works. 


Many thanks,


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in reply to: ahreum.ryu

Bumping this thread since I just encountered the issue and it's still a problem.

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in reply to: ahreum.ryu

Why hasn't this been resolved yet? Stop adding more features until you fix the ones you already have!

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in reply to: henrydriedger

This issue is still there. Is that so difficult to fix?

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in reply to: Careless_

Please fix this! It's ridiculous that we have generative design, but not the ablilty to select more than 1 sketch object at a time to project. C'mon Fusion! 

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in reply to: ahreum.ryu

I am also encountering this issue. I would consider this basic functionality, and as such, should be given proper priority and implemented before new feature sets are added. Pretty sad it's still an issue nearly 3 years later...
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in reply to: Careless_

I'd like to add to this, has there been a fix yet??


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in reply to: Careless_

Just come across this issue for the first time after importing a .dwg file of a building from an architect. Can't believe I now have to click on every single entity in order to project the 2D lines to a sketch. This is going to take me hours!


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in reply to: Garyselliot

well i posted the issue in 2017, so if you start selecting them now you might have them all selected by the time f360 acknowledges some of their obvious issues with this program, such as this one. maybe just in time for the job you're working on to be awarded to someone else, too.


or maybe they'll add 20 new features and ignore this issue completely. which ever comes first. it's turning into a running joke on other communities focused on the f360 'software suite' at this point.


but i understand. it must be painfully complex to implement the already existing drag-select function in an already existing project feature. /s

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in reply to: Careless_

This is absolutely ridiculous.. pretty please with sugar on top... fix this frikin issue! Took me again ages to select 400 items in an arrange, to project to a sketch, to be able to export as an DXF because the DXF functionality is still a pain in the b-hole as well... Im ALMOST ready to switch programs. 

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in reply to: infoM8PWE

There is an easy work-around to this issue but you seem to intent on blaming someone then trying to learn.  Attach your model if you are interested in a little learning.

"If you find my answer solved your question, please select the Accept Solution icon"

John Hackney

Beyond the Drafting Board

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in reply to: jhackney1972

@jhackney1972 why does it matter what model it is if multiple people have the same issue?

why not just post a screencast if there is an easy work-around?

and moreover... why is drag-to-select a feature that requires a "work-around" in the first place?


lets not belabour the point of this topic; drag/select should be a simple action in the projection tool environment - NO "work-arounds".

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in reply to: Careless_

I could't have expressed it better. It's seems in my workflow I more busy with work-arounds then work sometimes. 

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in reply to: infoM8PWE

hey i'll be the first to admit that f360 has come a longggggggggggg way since i first started using it, and I am a better CAD designer/workflow planner because of early issues with features that didn't work right or as intuitively as other similar features in competing programs which forced me to plan projects more wisely... but click-and-drag was first introduced to the computing world in 1984... a full 12 years after @jhackney1972 created his autodesk account (lol)... and now we're at the point where we're subjecting paying users of a heavily promoted program to use secret work-arounds for such a staple computing/UI feature.


every year i wonder if I will click the 'renew' button on my subscription. in fact, i think i'll be turning auto-renew off tomorrow and decide later if it's even worth continuing to pay for f360 if they won't fix glaringly obvious problems while adding new features i'll never use that take attention away from the real stuff people use daily that are broken in one way or another.

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in reply to: Careless_

Preaching to the choir! In danger of losing the red line of the thread here, I must say I recognize the process you went through and point you've reached. Love this program but hate some of these unresolved efficiency killers. If you have to use this program professionally as a self employed person these issues really add up. Maybe if im working for a boss, am retired or a hobbyist, this many work arounds are acceptable. For me (and apparently more people like me) they are not. I've been a huge promotor in the businesses I've worked for/with to switch to Fusion but to be honest I don't dare to anymore because I don't want to send people down the same rabbit hole.
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in reply to: infoM8PWE

@infoM8PWE wrote:
If you have to use this program professionally as a self employed person these issues really add up... I've been a huge promotor in the businesses I've worked for/with to switch to Fusion but to be honest I don't dare to anymore because I don't want to send people down the same rabbit hole.

pretty much exact same scenario

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in reply to: jhackney1972

@jhackney1972  I'm interested in this work around. I attached a dwg with multiple sketches and I've also been trying to select all entities while on the project tab to make 1 sketch to be able to save as dxf

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