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Can't select all drawings from circular pattern to extrude

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Can't select all drawings from circular pattern to extrude

Hi guys,

I am trying to extrude my circles which I draw using circular pattern.
Those are the little white spots on the image.
When trying to extrude I can only select on at the time, why?



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in reply to: CraftyLures

... one at a time ....

You can window select them and keep selecting until you have them all highlighted.


Might help....

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

I have tried it.

The problem is when I select second with shif, ctr or without it deselect the first on some how?

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in reply to: CraftyLures

Hide all but the sketch the circles are patterned in.

Window select them, and then unhide the body the operation will be performed on.


Might help....

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in reply to: CraftyLures


I recommend making the pattern from a feature (hole) rather than in the sketch.
This makes it easier to change the number afterwards.




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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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Yes, sure and thanks for you help offer.
I think I have messed up my sketch somewhere as I have  warning too.
Any way please find it attached.

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Are you willing to start over from scratch with step-by-step instructions?

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Yes, sure thanks.

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What is your Design Intent - what are you attempting to model?

Do you have a picture of something similar that already exists in the real world?


Are the interferences in these corners part of your Design Intent?

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Start a new file.

Start a new sketch and sketch a circle at the Origin;

Select Dimension and then right click select Radius...



Then enter a radius of 160.518797237


What do you note about the color of the circle after entering the dimension?


Does the radius of 160.518797273 really really match your true Design Intent?

What machine will you use to achieve this radius?

What measuring instrument will be used to inspect this radius?



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Now sketch a Horizontal line across the circle below the Origin...

Select the line and right click select Construction (or mash x on your keyboard).


Dimension the line as 50mm from the Origin (or whatever your true Design Intent really really is (it wasn't 50mm in your original file but close to 50)).


Trim off the bottom of the circle.

Add a 3Point Arc


Selecting the endpoints of the construction line first and then the Origin...


Attach your file here for next set of steps...

(As we go through this we will dramatically simplify everything you did.)

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